…. :(

I have strep…. it fucking sucks.

Someone please amuse me.

Doctors: Anorexia is an epidemic, people need to eat.
Doctors: Obesity is an epidemic, people eat too much.
Society: People have unhealthy body images, accept your body the way it is!
Society: People should be more concerend about their health, exercise & eat right!
Media: Celebrities are way too skinny, they are setting a bad example for young girls.
Media: This singer gained 20 pounds, she must be really unhappy.
People: Being too skinny is gross, real women have curves.
People: Eww, fat rolls.
Friends: You're so pretty, you're not fat.
Friends: Eww I'm so gross, I need to lose weight.
Family: Don't starve yourself, eat. It's not that hard.
Family: You ate all of this for breakfast? What is wrong with you?
And people wonder why we have such distorted body images.






Sleeping is nice because youre not actually dead and youre not awake so its a win-win situation

It’s like being dead without the commitment.

an open relationship with death

death with benefits

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