I’m questioning things so hard right now… I just feel so lost.

…. :(

I have strep…. it fucking sucks.

Someone please amuse me.

Doctors: Anorexia is an epidemic, people need to eat.
Doctors: Obesity is an epidemic, people eat too much.
Society: People have unhealthy body images, accept your body the way it is!
Society: People should be more concerend about their health, exercise & eat right!
Media: Celebrities are way too skinny, they are setting a bad example for young girls.
Media: This singer gained 20 pounds, she must be really unhappy.
People: Being too skinny is gross, real women have curves.
People: Eww, fat rolls.
Friends: You're so pretty, you're not fat.
Friends: Eww I'm so gross, I need to lose weight.
Family: Don't starve yourself, eat. It's not that hard.
Family: You ate all of this for breakfast? What is wrong with you?
And people wonder why we have such distorted body images.